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High Risk Archive...

  I have been working for the past year to reconstruct the high risk archive (Andy Wehrle's site). 

  You may view the archive by clicking on the "events" link to the left.  You will find thousands of new products, including NCEP weather maps, new chaser links, Wikipedia articles, tornado video links. radar images from the day before, day of, and day after the high risk event. 

  In order to view this site on Firefox you MUST have the latest version (Firefox 3.0.1).  Old versions will not work properly with certain archive pages. 
  I will also be adding other storm events/examples for educational purposes. 

  Hopefully, over time, we will be able to build a substantial database of severe weather events, chaser accounts, photographs, radar images, and other data.

  The eventual goal will be to make the site interactive where users can add information. 

  You may check the news section for updated information on the progress of the site. 

- Beau Dodson